About Us



Action Auto Insurance was developed in 1989 focusing on providing Nevada insureds with access to carriers who can accommodate the unique situations of most drivers. After 30 years, we have become the #1 agent for placing drivers with particular needs into affordable insurance.

We specialize in combining hard to place driver situations with policies on vehicles that the average consumer can afford. We're partnered with top rated carriers that provide insurance to fit your needs. Our agents are fully licensed and have the knowledge and experience to accommodate insurance, licensing, and DMV questions. Thousands of clients have found us to be the leader in auto insurance in Nevada . We offer Insurance on all types of vehicles as well as Renters , Boat , RV, ATVs , and Light Commercial Insurance .

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision & mission statements. We exist because of our customers and we are very grateful to those who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can serve our customers even better and continue to keep you fully satisfied. Our vision is to offer the best products and services and to always exceed expectations resulting in customer satisfaction.